Saturday, August 15, 2009

The tweet that made my day

I just received the nicest tweet. Of course all my new found twitter friends are fabulous, but this tweet was extra special.

It was from a girl with roughly the same weight stats as me saying I am already motivating her. Wow! This makes me feel amazing!

I set out with this blog and twitter account to act like jumper cables to a car battery that has run out of juice. I was the car battery. I needed a jolt. I needed something to motivate myself and to keep me

Although i know ive collected a lot of knowledge on this weight loss journey (and from throughout the years), i am still learning. By no means am i yet surpassing the teacher and am eons away from becoming a master (but i will one day. Just watch!) So I feel honored and humbled that already someone can look at me and say 'that motivates me'.

Plus it made me realize another great reason to "keep on bloggin' to keep on losin'". That just as much as I like finding information and/or people so I can see that I'm not alone on this crazy life-altering journey, I just might be one of those people to someone else.

Talk about warm fuzzies. It's like paying it forward only I'm not done yet! Isn't it cool how with this kind of stuff you don't have to wait to pay it forward?

PS. Just watch this space! Cause eventually I'll be the girl who can proudly say I lost a total of 181lbs and will be fully armed with knowledge, love, and the confidence to pay it forward!


  1. That is awesome! Sometimes we don't even realize we are inspiring somebody, and it's so nice to hear it! Congratulations, and keep up the great work! :o)

  2. Thank you! It's so crazy, I'm still wrapping my head around it. I'm still trying to just inspire and motivate myself... it's so nice the know the "and also others" part comes naturally, like a pleasant side effect.

    It's like setting out to eat & be healthy and a pleasant side effect is weight loss. Or at least here's hoping it is!

  3. You are an inpiration and I am so glad to get to follow you!!

  4. thank you Irene! And thanks for the comment - it reminded me it's time to get blogging again!


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