Thursday, August 6, 2009

iLose with Lose It!

If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

These things ROCK at helping you with all sorts of goals; case in point, my favorite app: Lose It!

Not only is this app FREE (the best apps in life are free!) but here are the other spiffy features:
-- it tracks your weight
-- has a food diary with an extensive list built in as well as the ability to add your own recipes that include portion size, calorie amount, and nutritional information if you wish to activate that too
-- an exercise log where again it has a library as well as allowing you to enter your own activities
-- a "My Day" page where it shows you your calorie budget, how much you've eaten minus how much you've burned, and your net calories for the day (it will work out your calorie budget based on your goal and how much you want to lose per week, and again, you can adjust it if you wish).

This little app is fantastic! Highly recommended!

SIDENOTE: Another great app is the free app "Cold Turkey" which has a very cool "Help I Feel Like Smoking!" button which will give you all sorts of advice or facts to help you focus when a craving strikes. I'm on Day 2 now; I woke this morning and thought I was on day 4 - no joke. Urrrg. Well, the night is darkest before the dawn.... and from past experience, day 2 is as black as it gets!

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