Monday, August 3, 2009

Nice People Finish Fat

I am trying to leave behind my freelance career in theatre and live events for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons being it was a big contributor to making me fat!

Any job that consumes your life is bound is make your health take a little tumble. But long hours, combined with late/"non-traditional hours, combined with your JOB is to put everyone else's needs before your own.... well, that's not a tumble. It's a freaking avalanche of a weight gain waiting to happen! But ultimately, the problem is being too NICE. Case in point:

"Oh sure, I'll do that for you (during my dinner break meaning that all I will have time for is to 'grab something' especially since by that point I will be starving and pressed for time)"


"I can work on that tonight at home (which will keep me up way too late which will inevitably lead to Forth Meal, which leads to no breakfast (or working out), which leads to... my fat ass!)"

You get the idea. I'm not saying I have to learn how to be a bitch, but OMG would it pay off to learn how to not be so NICE!

One of my closest friends and someone I have worked with before called me tonight. He desperately needs a stage manager just for 3 nights next week to fill in. I look at my schedule. Clear as day. I could totally fit it in around 'work' and 'gym' which were the only things on the agenda for those days.

But fear gripped me. This is how I got fat in the first place! Taking on too much, working late, being too tired to exercise or eat right, not to mention it is an industry that is filled with way too many landmines of bad habits for me. My instant reaction was to say no. Why tempt fate?

But then I reconsidered. I cannot spend my life running away from my fears and old habits. I know in advance therefore I have an advantage and can plan around this. Plus, he is a very good friend, and I would love to work with him again (even if it is only 3 days). So I accepted.

Luckily, he is also a good friend, so like any good eat-a-holic, I enlisted his help. I told him my concern is that working late might mean not going to the gym in the morning because I'm tired, or that working all day and heading straight to rehearsal will mean fast food, or worse, both could happen. But I told him that I cannot let that happen. I am not sure what help I wanted from him other than for him to listen, and for me to say it out loud.

It worked. I felt a surge of confidence that I can do this. It's only three little days. Take it one step at a time and above all else, especially for those three days, take care of myself.

PS. If you see less of me during those three days next week, it's because I'm prioritizing ;) As much as this blog ranks right up there, sleep and working out are more important (the way it should be!)

NOTE TO SELF: Come up with strong a fail-safe, loophole-proof, three day plan.

SIDENOTE: I should totally be in bed, but creating this blog and today starting my twitter page, has given me so much motivation. The people I've discovered and met so far, and the idea that this time next year I could be a weight that I haven't been for nine years is all so inspirational. I couldn't bear the thought of going to bed without sharing my little 'I stared Fear in the face and said "You're on. Bring it!"' moment.

Sweet dreams gorgeous guys and girls! xox

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