Monday, August 3, 2009

The Real Me Always Knows Best

6am: woke up

615am: yogurt and banana in my belly, preceeded to have the following arguement with myself...

Fat Me: But I don't wanna go to the gym!
Real Me: No! You're going!
Fat Me: But I don't feel like it. I'm so tired. I didn't get enough sleep.
Real Me: Just GO. Just get on the treadmill. 10 minutes of walking. If you still feel this way, I promise, I will let you off the hook.
Fat Me: Urrrrg...
Real Me: C'mon... otherwise you got up early for nothing.
Fat Me: OK, fine! But just 10 minutes. Then we're going to have another talk.

635am: On treadmill...

Fat Me: Oh, that wasn't so bad.
Real Me: See, I knew you could do it!
Fat Me: Honestly, I'm really not in the mood. But I'm here, so I might as well go for it. Hell, let's even do intervals.
Real Me: Awesome! You won't regret this. Even if you're sore later. You won't regret it. I PROMISE.

705am: Warm up, workout, cool down complete. Hit 'End Workout' on Nike+. Not feeling as amazing as I usually do after a workout but I am accounting that to lack of sleep. And then here comes my reward... As I'm wiping down the equipment I hear on my iPod...

"...Congratulations. You have completed a new personal best for the mile"

Hell YES! That's what I'm talkin' about!!! Oh Real Me, you always know what's best :)

SIDENOTE: Today so far I have eaten:
-- 6oz yogurt
-- 1 banana
-- coffee, no sugar, with skim milk
-- crispbread with vegemite (I'm Australian. It's my thing... let it go. lol)
-- 2 hard boiled eggs

NOTE TO SELF: Lesson still to learn - get to bed early when you know you have to be up early! When will you learn??

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