Thursday, November 26, 2009

My New Best Friend Part II

When I first mentioned my new best friend (of whom has still not been named! But she doesn't mind, she tags along with me whereever I go anyway), Jacey mentioned would I mind posting pictures. It would be a little personal, but definitely a good idea! Besides, I think they're too small for you guys to really read anything ;)

It's probably the reason I don't blog as much as I used to. Because all my little thoughts and discoveries get written down instead of typed up.

Things my bestie holds onto for me:

-- Calendars, countdowns, and graphs: There is of course a calendar in it which I use, as well as creating my own that I fold up & put in there. I have a weight loss graph that I also fold up and keep inside (which I've already posted previously) as well as my dream weight loss graph with future dates already colored in with how much I hope/plan to use!

-- My exchange list & weekly menu plan: The only food I actually write down is extra food. The food I am supposed to eat, all I have to do is cross it off. I keep my exchange list there also (I asked for more than one, and they are littered all over my apartment & various handbags, but there's always one in here so I know where to go if I really can't find one of the other ones!). Some exchanges I know like I know my phone number, others I need to double check.

-- article clippings & inspiring images: This is how my best friend is starting to get fat! Any quote, or article, or image that inspires, keeps me centered & balanced, or makes me think goes in there. When I'm at work and I need a little break, I flip through... there's always something for me to read or look at and disappear into my thoughts for 5 minutes (at this rate, I may need to include glue sticks in my monthly budget)

-- Boring notes that may prove useful. On the day-to-day pages, I like making little notes about how I'm feeling or factual stuff. You never know when they'll come in handy. Things like '3pm: starving, but I already ate!' or '9pm: much more tired today'. Or if I'm in a funk or angry or extremely happy, I'll list the reasons. When you look back, things like this can usually be explained. I love self-analyzing!

-- steps & goal weights. Every day I write my steps for the day & on a daily or weekly basis write down my weight and/or my goal loss that I want.

-- I write with a pen that makes me happy! It may be expensive, metallic, or just a fun color. Something that makes me take care and like what I'm looking at. As you can see, the flavour of the month is pink! I hate wearing pink, but when it comes to accessories or writing with it? I love it! GO PINK!

I think that covers everything! I'm also noticing my new bestie getting kinda chunky. But I think that's very cool. She will get fatter (and it looks good on her!) as I will get smaller! I think it's perfect.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Happy Turkey Day! I am thankful for...

-- my irreplaceable family and close friends who are scattered across the globe - it never ceases to amaze me how I can feel so loved and so close to a person who is on the other side of the country, the ocean, or the world.

-- my amazing guy - we are so dysfunctional by traditional standards and any outsiders looking in never understand it, but only him and I truly know what we have together. The view from the inside is bliss. It's difficult to admit when we are not official but I care for him deeply, (insert the L word in here somewhere), appreciate him, and he makes me incredibly happy and that's all that matters.

-- my fab tweeps on my two twitter accounts. I don't tweet on this account as often as I should but I'm always reading and I'm always inspired and motivated.

-- my weight loss - I'm thankful that I lost it, and thankful that I still have the determination to keep pushing and striving for this goal.

-- you guys! My dear readers. I am so humbled that you take the time out of your busy schedules to see what this imperfect, flawed little fattie is up to. I thank you for your patience with me, your encouragement, your comments, and just basically for reading! I think I love you lurkers the most ;)

-- New York City. I don't get out and enjoy it as often as I should, but I am so thankful I live in my dream city; the best place in the world that I feel lucky to call home sweet home.

PS. So to answer Jacey's question: there really is no typical layout for me! It's a whole bunch of scribbles and drawings and thoughts and pictures. I like the 'clutter of inpiration'. Usually I'm a neat freak, meticulous, and organized. But this journey is messy and I like my journal to reflect it :)

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