Friday, November 6, 2009

FFFF#11: Angels

The last time I was in Victoria's Secret, I finally succumbed to their incessant badgering & signed up for an Angels Card. So now I am a fully fledged Angel (whatever that means). As I'm poking around the website wondering if there's anything that's going to make me want to take advantage of the free shipping coupon I have I realize that although I fit into SOME things at Victoria's Secret, I am still a far cry from fitting into EVERYTHING that they sell. There are certain items that they only make up to a size 16, and as a size 18 it is frustratingly sooo close & yet so far.

Factor for being Fat Free: Even just one more size and suddenly a whole lot more options when it comes to clothing & fashion open up. It's definitely worth the hard work & sacrifice knowing that!


  1. I totally feel your pain!! And just remember that Victoria Secret runs small!! I am also an 18 and hate the temptation of being soooo close yet soooooo far away!! :) Good luck on your journey! Emjoy your blog!

  2. it DOES run small! Thanks for the reminder!! And thank you for your comment, it's nice knowing I'm not alone! Let's close the gap ;)

  3. I haven't been in a Victoria Secret in quite a while. Many pounds ago, I used to go there for lacy half slips and chemises. Going back is a goal!


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