Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 10

Sweet Success... Took some time after getting home for my JC appointment to sort out my food plan for the week. I've made it a no brainer. All I have to do is CROSS IT OFF. No adding & no substituting this week. Just crossing things off. No more. No less.

Slowly Striving... This should I deserve to make this today's success, but I believe I can push harder. I lost 0.8lbs this week. It's not much but I will take it.

Thoughts... But even though I'm taking the 0.8 and running with it, I'm not impressed. In order to stay on track with my 20lb goal, I need to lose 4.2 this week. Wow. It's a push, I won't lie. It will definitely be a challenge. But I KNOW I am capable of it. So the real question is: How much do I want it?

Above is my own copy of my JC graph for my mini-goal. The line is roughly where my weight loss should be in order to hit 20lbs in 8 weeks. That little pink bar? That would be my (measely) 0.8lbs. Yeah. Got my work cut out for me now! It's my very own Yellow Line and I'm determined to stay below it!

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