Sunday, November 8, 2009

Admit It, You Love It

I am "borrowing" (aka totally ripping off) an idea from 100in12. I think I am long overdue for a little self-love! Which works out perfectly for today! (which I'll tell you all about when I do my 'Day 12' post tonight)

Things I love about my body
in no particular order

1.) I actually love that I have hips. Sometimes this translates to a big butt, which I don't particularly mind but it's not completely true. I have big hips, not a big butt (I actually have this bizarre layer of fat right above my butt which makes it seem like I have a booty when I don't. I'm able to admit this because I know I'm not alone - a gf of mine once whined about hers - so I don't feel like such a freak for telling you that I have this bizarre deposit of fat)

2.) When my body fat percentage is under control I actually have a very tiny waist for my size*. I am definitely an hourglass shape and I love that. My small waist is only emphasized by my big hips; I love this too :) (*Once upon a time I was around 38-30-40. And I can't believe I considered myself fat at that time! I WILL get back there again. And who knows, maybe even a lil smaller!) I wouldn't say I'm as hourglass as Marilyn Monroe, but there is a look that will always be sexy. I don't care what the models on the catwalks say, curves will always be in style. Personally, I'd like to aim a little more Beyonce, than Marilyn: thick, curvacious, but lean & fit. if I can accomplish this, that would be amazing!

3.) my eyes and my smile. I'm a typical SPF girl ("Such a Pretty Face!"). And as I'm being more open & public about my weight loss goals with people that have only known me at this size, they are telling me "You're cute & pretty now, if you lose as much as you're planning, you'll still be cute & pretty, but definitely hot and sexy as well!" I choose to take this as a huge compliment, as well as a huge source of motivation.

4.) my hair. I have thick, long dark hair. Emphasis on the word thick. I constantly wear it up in a ponytail not just because I'm lazy (but there is that too) but because the back of my neck gets so hot when I wear it down! Great in winter, it's like a built-in scarf. Not so great in summer though! It's naturally wavy/curly too, but that part I don't like as much even though I know people are envious of it. I like to straighten it. And I'm also 'blonde' at the moment (ie. as blonde as I should go: light brown base with 2 shades of blonde highlights) and I love that too. And when I get it professionally blow-dried straight: watch out! Talk about confidence overload! My hair has good memory too, which I love. Tell it to do something, it needs minimal product & my hair will still 'remember' to keep on going 12+ hours later.

5.) my skin tone. Thanks to my father I have white/very fair skin for my ethnicity. But thanks to my Filipina mother, I tan in half the time & I tan into a nice olive/brown. Living in New York is enough to bring out the white in me; and just a few days in Sunny Las Vegas (or anywhere with heat and sun but Vegas is a personal fave. I love me some Sin City!) is enough to get my tan on.

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  1. love the stealing. i stole it from nic at the last twenty. pay it forward meets stealing. Steal it Forward?

    yay for confidence. you has it.


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