Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Making It Personal

One of my fabulous teachers at massage school is also a personal trainer. Unfortunately it is a conflict of interest for her to train a student (damn! because I swear she is the Latina version of Jillian Michaels and probably knows how to make me sweat, cry, and throw up all at the same time) but she said she has some people she can recommend and asked would I prefer a woman or a man?

As someone who has never had a personal trainer this made me stop and think. Which WOULD I prefer? I want a woman for the obvious reasons that she can relate to me and my wants and needs in a way a man just can't. On the other hand, I get along much better with guys than with girls on the whole (all my friends (whether gay or straight) are male, and the only female friend that I have regular contact with lives in Florida. FYI I'm in NYC. Hm, yeah...definitely more male than female friends! And I know they're not there to be my friend, but I still gotta LIKE them!) So I have some things to think about before I get some recommendations (opinions and advice welcome!). Especially cause I'm pretty sure I don't have the money to try them all before deciding (Wow, wouldn't that be amazing though!)

I don't know if this is something I can afford but I definitely want more information on it in general. If it is something I will go ahead with I imagine I only want to see them once every few weeks. I would want them to help me put together a workout schedule (that I can do on my own without them) that is challenging as well as flexible and engaging. Then check in with them once a month or so and have them see where I'm at and adjust, increase, build upon... well basically to do what it is they do!

On the other hand, she also said that if I just need some ideas for how to fit it into my schedule and what kind of exercises to do, she'd be happy to sit down with me and discuss that for free over a coffee sometime. (Wow. I love her!)

Have I mentioned how much I love massage school?

The teachers and other students I've met are great (this includes the new bestie (who is still totally cute lol) who gave me some great guy advice the other day. Bless!) But mostly I love how conscious it makes me of my body both inside and out. It makes me want to put good things in, and makes me want to strengthen it even more than I did before. It makes me appreciate that we are all built differently and come in lots of different shapes and sizes and the most important thing is to be comfortable in the skin you're in. I'm not comfortable yet but I know I will be. I just need a little help and I'm slowly getting over my fear of asking for it.

It's also a great motivator to lose weight. Having to get almost completely naked at least once a week with nothing but a towel and have classmates massage you, pushing through those layers of fa... err, flesh... to get to the muscle below? Yep. Definitely a BIG motivator to drop the weight!


  1. Hmm, trainer would be some kind of awesome! I have to agree with you on the male friend thing, you are right you have to kind of like your trainer.

    I am so glad you said that about the massage. I have been wanting a massage but won't get one until I am thinner even though TONS of folks have tried to convince me otherwise.

  2. Even I am going to try to convince you otherwise! I LOVE getting massages! Screw what the massage therapists thinks (and trust me, they really aren't looking at you like that at all. I know it feels like they are, but they aren't)

    But massage school is a little different. These are my classmates, new friends, people I joke around with, have lunch, with, have a drink with. And again, they don't judge my body, but yes, the little voice in my head is a little uncomfortable with it all the same! Not one lone professional that I pay for their health care services.

    Especially being overweight too, I find we need massages more. Our poor muscles have to carry around so much extra weight! So treat yourself to a little TLC :) you won't regret it I promise!


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