Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby, Dream Your Dream...

Baby, dream your dream, Close your eyes and try it...

Sorry, went off on a Sweet Charity tangent there (I love muscials, especially the classic ones & ones set in the 50's and 60's). ANYway, so today's post feels a little random but I'm happy about posting it all the same. Because I like the quirky little observations the best :)

So here's a question I'm throwing out into the cyber universe:

What size are you in your dreams?

And I'm not talking in your daydreams where we are all either a Kate Moss, Jillian Michaels, or Kim Kardashian. But when you go to sleep and you dream, and if you remember those dreams (lots of people don't!), what size are you in them?

I had a dream about my first boyfriend the other night (I blame a day of flashbacking and looking up old songs on youtube) and I woke up realizing that in that dream, I was slim. Now, this could be because when I was with him I was slim (I danced at the time so I knew my measurements: they were roughly 37-28-40... ::sigh:: I will get there again eventually!!) but that doesn't add up that I only dreamed that because of him being in the dream. Because when I think about my other dreams that I remember, I am always slim to average in them. Sometimes, I can even recall in the dream looking down and not seeing a belly and in the dream, find myself wondering where it went. Yep, I am doing a mental scan of the 'dreams I remember' file, and every image of me is coming up as slim, average, or belly-less.

So maybe this means I don't have true Fat Girl Mentality? Maybe once I am happy with my body those negative thoughts & comments will melt away along with the pounds because apparently my subconscious me already sees me at my goal size!

Who knows what it really means. But I find it curious all the same. Now I can't wait to go to bed and hopefully I will dream again! More slim to average dreaming please!


  1. I like this post! I rarely dream. I don't think I sleep long enough to dream, lol. I think sleeping is such a bother. Anyway, when I do dream, if I write it down right away I'll remember it, but otherwise, it's gone in a flash.

    I don't recall ever "seeing" my whole body in my dream. I just see everyone else. Hmm. Wonder what that means?

  2. I tend to "watch" myself in the dream like I'm watching TV and I am ALWAYS thin or at least average. All of my friends that appear are the size they are in real life but I never have the belly, the pooch, the cellulite, or the double chin, even when I'm nekkid. I'm still sort of soft but in a feminine way with an hour glass shape and I definitely don't jiggle. Even when I imagine myself while awake (such as when I'm showering and contemplating clothes to wear) I look the same as my dreams. This can be a problem when I put on the clothes I imagine and they don't look the same at all. =)

    Something to work toward, right?

  3. I've posed this question before. I've always been thin in my dreams. Always! For me, I think it was deep seated denial. 100%. I mean, when you're 271 lbs at 5'2", what else could it be?

  4. I don't usually remember seeing myself in my dreams, since they just seem to be something I am seeing, but lately since I have been losing weight, I have dreamt of trying on clothes and they are waay smaller than I am right now. It's kind of motivating me, actually, because in my dream I know I lost all the weight and that's why I can fit into the clothes! The weirdest thing, though, is that once my aunt told me she dreamt of me as much skinnier and how nice I looked. Weird, but also a kick in the butt...


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