Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shake What Your Mama Gave You!

This will be my last apology for not being more consistent with my blogging and tweeting. So: I'm sorry! Truly, I am! And I am apologizing to myself as much as each and every one of you who care to drop by (and who I really love for doing so!).

But I say last because I know I get bored of reading "I'm so sorry!" at the start of every post. I can't help thinking 'Yes, yes, we know, just get to the good stuff already...! I want to hear what's been happening, not how sorry you are!" (Unless you scoffed the remainder of that chocolate cake while standing in front of the fridge door. In which case, yes, be sorry! Shame on you! (Shame on me too. I am sure I have done that at some point too)lol)

Between full time school (yes, I am back at school again, but I'll save that for another post), full time work, and losing weight and getting healthy being a full time job and a half, I am just not finding the time to blog and tweet like I used to! But it's a small sacrifice to ensure I am staying on track. Would I prefer to blog about how I wish I had more time to run, or actually go for a run? You see my point :)

OK, business first. I completed day 1 of week 3 of c25k. WOW! I started out thinking I might not be ready for this but I'm going to give it my all and if I can't do it there is no harm in doing week 2 for another week. Well, I was doing pretty well... until my podcast said "OK, 3 minute run coming up" I'm sorry, WHAT?!? Oh hell... Up until this point runs have been 60-90 sec, and suddenly we're jumping to 3 minutes??? It was in that moment that I realized this might just be more mental then physical. And whaddya know? I was right! I got through it. I even got through the SECOND 3minute running interval. Oy. I am both proud and exhausted just thinking about it.

OK now the fun stuff... I broke in my new nike plus shoes by wearing them around for the day (LOVE!!! I cannot describe how happy I feel when I look down and see new Nikes. I would expect it's the same feeling Carrie Bradshaw feels when she looks down and sees new Manolos) and I decided to complete the look I'd go with some fitted bootleg yoga pants, stretchy cami, and cropped long-sleeve little cardigan sweater (can you believe it got cold so fast?) Anyway, I'm not feeling my hottest, depsite the new shoes. Feeling more sporty and perhaps cute, but definitely like all my lumps and jiggles were on display. But, running late I just had to like it or lump it (pun not intended) because there was no time for a quick costume change!

I get to work, and I got so many compliments that day on how good I looked! What the hell??! So.... let me get this straight: lycra and fitted clothes that expose every piece of blubber, fat, and imperfection make me look good?? But when I wear clothes that are still fitted but gracefully skim my rolls of fat and I think I look good in, no-one says anything. Hmm. Verrrrryy Innnnterrresttingg....

Lesson learned: sometimes you need to trust other people's judgement rather than your own. And sometimes, hiding really IS the worst thing you can do. Sometimes you just need to stand tall and proud, show off your body and be damn proud of it, jiggles and all!

PS. Heard a great story from a new friend about her friend who started doing c25k at 290lbs. She's completed that and now she's training for a half marathon. Oh, and she now weighs 190lbs. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!! Bring it on! Talk about THINspiration!


  1. Thanks for joining up to follow me blog! I am really happy and appreciative that so many out there have decided to follow this new journey of mine. It sounds like you have already made an enormous amount of progress from your highest weight, and I can't wait to see your successes as this latest leg of your path unfolds. Congrats on doing so well on your C25K run!

  2. Thanks 266! And thanks for stopping by... I'm really looking forward to following your journey. After all, we're both heading for the same destination: SUCCESS!


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