Friday, September 18, 2009

FFF#4: Keep Dreaming





I love each and every one of these words, especially when you put them together in this order. This is one of the first quotes I fell in love with and it continues to inspire me.

This is one of my Future-Me pics. What better way to list my Factors for being Fat Free Friday than to tell you exactly what it is about this picture that makes it so great.

- A flat belly. Need I say more? No, but I will anyway. I love the ab definition. I am not a fan of muscle-bound ladies - more power to them! - but that look is just not for me. However, my idea of hot 'n' steamy is definitely more fitness inspired than most others. I want tone and definition while still maintaining curves and femininity (think Beyonce not Madonna). So! Not only a washboard stomach from midriff to gut (what gut? haha) but I would love to have a nice little 4-pack to go along with it. As I may have mentioned previously, I used to have a 4-pack from dancing. Not from sit ups, or yoga, or pilates, just from when I used to dance competeively (it's all about the core strength!). Maybe back then if I had actually got on the floor and done some crunches I might have ended up with the whole 6 instead of just 4.

- Thighs that don't touch. What a novel concept. Is this even normal? Even at my fittest, my thighs still touched; even if it was just a little bit right at the top. I cannot imagine how amazing it must feel to have thighs that don't touch. Wow, I am in awe just thinking about it. Say it with me: 'Thighs that don't touch'... Mmm. What a lovely thought.

- Firm arms. Again, not Madonna arms, but just arms that are tight and don't jiggle would be enough to make me do the happy dance. Not to mention wave my arms like I just don't care! Cause you know what? For once I wouldn't care! I would be completely carefree in a sleeveless top and totally liberated of being self-conscious about my arms. Cause they will be firm and fabulous; just like my abs.

- Wearing a cute matching sports bra & shorts. OK, I have no idea where I would wear this, let alone work out in it, but just knowing I could wear this somewhere else than in my apartment when I am home alone would be enough for me. The idea of any outfit where I have absolutely nowhere to 'hide' is such a bewildering and awe-inspiring thought to me; I just can't shake it. So I might as well use it to my advantage!

I'll pass on the belly button piercing though. It's just not my style :)

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  1. ME TOO. Well, you're definitely way ahead of me in your ab-tacular ambition, but I definitely want a relatively flat stomach, especially the lower stomach. I think it's my least favorite body area.

    I'll say it with you...thighs that don't touch! Even though I've never heard of such a thing ;-)

    I'm with you on the cute workout clothes!! Even the concept of wearing shorts is foreign to me (at the gym or anywhere else, for that matter) and I can't wait until it isn't.

    I just love the idea of having a body that clothes just smoothly flow over, no matter what that weight or muscle definition might end up looking like. The clothes just lay there nicely, not bulge or wrinkle or bunch!


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