Friday, December 11, 2009

FFFF#16: By Popular Demand

Well! You guys certainly are a pushy bunch! hahaha!

In truth, I put these pictures together when I first started this blog. But I hadn't decided whether or not to post them. My last post was specifically about how people, namely me, really do have that sparkle in their eye and truly look happier as their face gets thinner. But I wasn't about to plaster my face all over my anonymous blog. but I can understand that you guys want to see my progress & truthfully, I want to share it with you.

It's a mixture of pride and shame really. Gulp, but here it is!

*** images removed ***

Obviously, I'm not at 80lbs down anymore, I'm at 64lbs down (I created this just before I started this blog). But I'm the same size, those jeans still fit fine, so it stills paints you an accurate picture.

Factors for being Fat-Free: Because I want my 'After' photo already!

*** Edit To Add 01/04/10: I removed the photos. Sorry if you missed it. Better luck next time (you snooze, you lose!)


  1. hooray peer pressure! sometimes it can be used for good, hehe ;-)

    you look great! such a huge difference, and i bet there's still that same difference at 64 pounds. just keep on keepin' on and you'll get to that final picture eventually.

    and that final picture is really the first of many, right?

    how are things with your guy?

  2. love the pictures! Wow, you're really shrinking. Very inspiring. I love looking at photos--even the headless kind. lol =)


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