Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Be Happier

I did a little comparison of some photos of me. It should come at no surprise that unless a photo was taken specifically as a "before" photo, finding photos of me before is actually quite difficult. And if you want to find a full body one from before? Forget it! I never let it happen!

I'm noticing I'm a little more willing to be in photos and a little more willing for it be more than just a head and shoulders shot. But the thing I'm noticing most is that I'm happier.

This is one of those times I wish I wasn't anonymous so I could post them and show you what I'm talking about. But instead I'm going to have to rely on my articulation skills (lucky you guys).

I'll find a 'before' photo and I'll remember the party, or event, etc. and I'm genuinely happy in that photo. I know I am. And there's no reason to suspect otherwise. My eyes are smiling, my teeth are showing, it's not a half smile or anything like that. I'm happy.

Compare that to a photo taken in the last 6 months. I'm HAPPIER. I can't believe it. Maybe it's just a case of facial features being more prominent. Because beside the obvious 60+lbs weight loss, the person in the newer photos is most definitely happier.

My eyes are smiling more. My dimples seem bigger (they probably are). It's like a smile that is beaming. Dare I say, there is even a sparkle (gag!... but it's true) In comparison, the 'before' pic looks dull and lifeless; as if the look is fake. But it's not. Well, perhaps in a sense it was fake because I was clearly unhappy at that size. But in that moment, I knew I was just as happy in the 'before' photo as in the 'progress' photo (it's not an 'after' photo until I'm done!) but yet when comparing the facial expressions they are miles apart. The newer photo looks alive, with a bigger smile, and definitely much happier.

And the camera, like the scale, never lies.


  1. aw i wanna see! cut the heads off and show your adoring public! i know a lot of it has to do with your eyes and face and what not (I'm taking face pictures monthly to see the change and I'll put them up at the end or whenever I don't feel like being a Sleepy Hollow figure in my pictures) but eeeee I wanna see!

    Heh, this is me whining over the internet. but it's cool. I get the anon. thing. But show us anywayyyyyyyyyyy ;-) I want to SEE your progress!

  2. I wanna see your pictures too! In almost every "after" picture I see there is always a spark in the eyes that wasn't there in the "before" photo.

    I guilty of running away anytime someone points a camera in my direction unless I'm at a happy weight (and that hasn't happened very often). My mother complains because there are never any pictures of me because I'm much happier behind the lens than in front of it.

    Congratulations on your progress.

  3. Show us the money! Where are the photos???

    I get it--I took all my photos off my blog recently. I will probably put some up again, but I do get wanting to not share it.

    I'm happy that you're happier!

  4. Oh my! Thank you ladies for stopping by! Oh, and for the support (err, or peer pressure as the case may be!) But you certainly have pushed my buttons... Stay tuned....


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